550885_10150954996814631_153116084_nHelen Kelly, 21
University of Leeds: Broadcast journalism
What are you doing now?
Features Intern at ELLE What did you do to work towards landing your present position? I spent time researching the companies I wanted to work for, how to gain work experience there and the best way to contact them. During university I spent time building my portfolio of work by writing for blogs, newspapers and gaining work experience at TATLER.
What was the biggest challenge to you leaving Uni and trying to find a job?
It mostly that it’s very competitive and you have to tailor your application to suit the job and the company you are applying to. You also need to have a lot of experience as well, which is why I’m still interning.
How useful would you say your degree and Uni experience was to you getting your present job? and why?
I would say it helps but at the moment I’m not sure as to the extent of which it has helped. The university experience helped with my confidence, making contacts and gained a wider understanding of the journalism industry I wanted to enter.
What advice would you have given yourself before graduating, in terms of finding a job, knowing what you know now?
Just to get as much experience while at uni as you possibly can because after uni you want a job rather than to spend more time gaining experience. Other than that I pretty much knew it was going to be tough getting the job I wanted.
Are there any useful resources or motivational tips you can share that would help others in their journey to find a job?
Be tenacious. You think it’s tough and it probably will but you have to be prepared to wait and work for what you want. Gain as much experience as you can. Learn as much as you can. Ask questions – talk to people who have the job you want because that way you learn which route to take to the career you want.

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