Protective Styles : DIY Curly U Part Wig


Recently I have been struggling with the fact that, whilst I love leaving my natural hair out, it takes up too much of my time. I know I know, complaining about doing my hair is a natural hair cardinal sin. But when times get busy you have to reach for the easier option sometimes and that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your natural tresses. Far from it.

Out come the protective styles, code word, ‘give you and your hair a break styles’. There are many protective styles out there as you know whether it be Marley Braid, cornrows, Crotchet braids, wigs or U part wig.

This time I was looking for something a bit more ‘natural looking’.  A style that would look like my own hair to the naked eye. I stumbled on the holy U part wig, now don’t get scared by the wig part. If you’re looking for something lightweight, low maintenance, affordable and most importantly oh so fierce its for you.

Check out the video below. I go through how to pull off an effortless looking curly U part that’ll have everyone guessing.

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